Puzzling For Mental Health Research

Help raise awareness about mental health by solving Clue Detective puzzles

With millions of people around the world suffering from a range of mental illnesses, Australian Rotary Health (ARH) is committed to raising awareness about mental health through their Lift the Lid campaign.  

Clue Detective has teamed up with ARH, and you can now support them to raise funds for vital mental health research by solving our puzzles.

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Pop Up Puzzles for Mental Health

Solving a puzzle over a coffee/meal whilst at your favourite café is a pleasant pastime.  It also provides you  with an opportunity to take time-out from their busy, and perhaps stressful day.  This is good for your mental health

The primary aim of the Pop Up Puzzles for Mental Health initiative is to show Rotary is committed to mental health awareness and research, an issue which is so prevalent in today’s society.  We need everyone’s help to Lift the Lid on Mental Illness.

Solutions to Pop Up Cafe Puzzles

How You Can Help

Would you like to be able to solve puzzles during a cafe-break? All you have to do is drop us a line and let us know about a cafe/s you frequent. We will make contact with the cafe owner to see if they want to be involved in the project.

You can also subscribe to Clue Detective, and at the same time make a donation to Australian Rotary Health which will raise funds for vital research

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