Running Puzzle Parties

Are you an enigma, looking for a unique clue for a party?

Why not host your own puzzle party. You’ve heard of a Tupperware party or a lingerie party, but puzzling lends itself to so many great ideas for a party plan style event.

As a Clue Detective Puzzle Agent/ Affiliate we suggest asking a friend to act as a ‘host’/’hostess’ and invite a group of family and friends who enjoy solving puzzles, to their home.

During the party guests would have the opportunity to purchase books and various membership or subscription packages from the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency range. Then, based on the level of sales achieved, your host can be rewarded with a prize such as a Clue Detective membership.

A puzzle themed party is easy and fun to put together. Start with a puzzling invitation. How cool would it be to put the invite together in the form of a crossword or word search, allowing your puzzling buddies to work out the party details by solving the puzzle?  Just make sure to include the solution somewhere, too.

Put up some puzzle decorations. Black & white squares on the wall can represent a crossword, and colourful question marks will also give a cool mysterious ambience. You could even cut out some brain teasing questions and hang them about the place for people to solve as they mingle, providing some great conversation starters.

Then of course you will need some puzzling food. Cut out jigsaw shaped bread, slices or fruits to make foodie jigsaw puzzles. Create a crossword cake or cupcakes with black and white icing fondant. You can even use edible ink to create some fun conundrums and riddles.

Your puzzling party would not be complete without puzzle games and activities. This is when you can let your imagination run wild. The ideas are literally endless, everything from trivia questions, clue hunting to speed crosswords and mystery games. The fun is in the creation of the games.

If this sounds like something you might like to have some fun with, contact us at the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency for more brain bending party ideas.

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