Solve Crosswords To Boost Your Digital Literacy

Make Digital Literacy Part of Your Everyday Life

The aim of digital inclusion is to integrate digital skills with our everyday activities. 

Most people have an activity they enjoy doing in a non-digital way, you may find that you can translate to doing the same activity using your device.  Becoming familiar with your device is the key.  it will make you want to use it more.

Solving Crosswords – An Ideal Digital Activity

This puzzle has been around for more 100 years, and yet still maintains its universal appeal.  Hower, it has definitely moved with the times.  Solving a crossword puzzle on an electronic device is now very much commonplace.  Every day, millions of people strive to crack these great brainteasers on their favourite pc, laptop or tablet.

Create A Digital Puzzle Hub

Digital literacy 

The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency is a proud partner of Go Digi.

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