Solve Puzzles and Help Lift the Lid on Mental Illness

Australian Rotary Health is committed to improving the lives of people living with mental illness, through their funding of research grants.

The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency has teamed up with ARH to help raise valuable awareness and money for this vital work.

Not only will you enjoy the huge benefits of solving puzzles you will help us make a difference to those living with mental illness in our community.

Try a Clue Detective Puzzle

Help Clue Detective Raise Funds for Mental Health Research!

As a puzzler, or group of puzzlers, you can help Clue Detective raise funds for vital mental health research, by subscribing to the Clue Detective Online Puzzle Portal you can support ARH’s Lift the on Mental Illness campaign.

There are three ways:

1. Subscribe your organisation to Clue Detective

Introduce the benefits of puzzling to your organisation – school, public, workplace, retirement village. Subscribe to the Clue Detective Online Puzzling Portal, and we will donate a percentage of the subscription price to Australian Rotary Health.

2. Run a Clue Detective Puzzle Subscription Drive

Get your organisation involved, spreading the word about the benefits of puzzling and help us raise awareness about mental health. Clue Detective makes its puzzle subscriptions available as a fundraising product, and a donates a percentage from each sale to ARH.

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