Solving Puzzles As A Group Activity

Puzzling is generally a pretty solitary activity, but sometimes you just want to share what you love doing with family and friends.  Perhaps you might enjoy a little bit of conversation or human contact as your brain spins over the clues.


Solving puzzles as a group activity is not only great for your mind, opening it up to other ideas and perspectives, but also great for your kids.  It is a great way to connect (or reconnect) with your partner or maybe just have a bit of fun with friends.


There are a number of ways you can make puzzling a group activity.


Set up some sort of beat the clock scenario with each of you working individually, yet simultaneously on a puzzle. Whoever finishes first is the winner.

You can also set it up to see who can come up with the correct codeword or crossword answer first, or who can come up with the most correct answers.


Puzzle Play

This is a great opportunity for some quality time with your friends and family. Take turns to answer the questions, or roll a dice and whoever gets the highest number for that round gets the question.

Taking turns is a great way to teach younger children, or those who haven’t yet experienced the joy of puzzling, the strategy behind working out the puzzles, and learning new words.

It’s a fantastic way to introduce children to letters and spelling from an early age, whilst keeping it fun, allowing them to contribute and spend some time with you.


Codeword/Crossword Charades

If you’re feeling in a really fun mood, you could turn the questions into a game of charades.

You know the answer; you just have to act it out and see if your audience can work it out! Take it in turns and see who can figure out the most words.


Quiet Time

Maybe you just want to sit quietly with your partner or a few friends and work on the puzzle together. Grab a cuppa or a bottle of wine and some glasses and enjoy!


Now that you can see how easily puzzling can become a fun and family game, how will you puzzle at your place?  Best of all you know it’s great for everyone’s brain health!

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