Solving Puzzles Is Great For Kids Self Esteem

Puzzles are the perfect activity for kids to do to help them boost their self esteem; and the best thing is that it can often happen quite unconsciously, because they are having too much fun to notice!

Once they have solved some puzzles successfully, and experience the sense of achievement that comes with doing so, they will want to do more and more.  This is fantastic, because it keeps their brains and minds active, and they have fun learning.

It doesn’t have to be an actual puzzle either… I am often reminded of when I was about 7, my grandmother (a huge Scrabble fan, I might add), gave me a ‘challenge’ – to learn how to spell two words that were not included on the Grade 1 Spelling List, ‘government’ and ‘amazement’.

I spent considerable time doing this over the ensuing few weeks with my mother testing me and encouraging me along the way.  When I finally felt ready to recite with sufficient confidence, I spelt the two words for my grandmother who was delighted.  I was very pleased too because, although a relatively small thing, it meant a lot at that time.  Suffice to say, over the years, I have never had any problem with spelling these two words.

Effective learning for a child is vital,  and your role as a parent, teacher or grandparent is a very important part of this process.   Ways you can do this are by offering verbal encouragement when your children complete puzzles, making sure that the puzzles are readily available for them, and where possible, sit down and do the puzzle with them.  Playing games and solving puzzles is a wonderful way to spend quality family time together.

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