Solving Puzzles On Your iPad

The mobile device is a fantastic invention and it has changed the way we do things.  It has made many things easily accessible, too, and the range of puzzles available online is enormous.

Today we take a look at the different types of puzzle apps available for the iPad.


Crux is a clever little app that allows you to solve crossword puzzles on your iPad or iPhone.  It allows you to download thousands of high-quality puzzles from newspapers and other sources around the world. 

Crossword Blitz is a free app that is fully self-contained.  You don’t need to download puzzles because they are all there within the app itself.

Crosswords Free is another app which offers puzzles right there on your phone or iPad.  Just choose your level and off you go.


There are many Sudoku apps available on iTunes but the version by Finger Arts has a very high rating.  It includes thousands of puzzles of varying levels of difficulty and will keep you busy for hours.

Sudoku by Branium is another version of the puzzle which looks fabulous on the screen and the app is designed to let you play with friends.

Other puzzles

There are so many to choose from that it’s hard to limit myself.

Remember Hangman?  Yes, there is an app for that.   Love Codewords?  There is an app for that, too.

What about Wordsearch?  Yes, you will be pleased to find yet another app for that.

Clue Detective Puzzles

Would you like to know the best news of all?  

All our Clue Detective puzzles are able to be completed on your iPad!  Crosswords, codewords, Sudoku and more.   Buy a  membership and have access to all sorts of puzzles all year round.  It’s fantastic value, there are always new puzzles being added and the puzzle quality is guaranteed. 

The online portability of our puzzles means that you can have many different kinds of puzzles with you wherever you go.  You will never be caught with nothing to do.  Take your iPad with you and you can exercise your brain when you want to. 

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