Sudoku for Beginners

Sudoku is a puzzle that can be complicated; but when you complete your first one you feel victorious and exhilarated.  It’s also a great way to give your brain a workout.

If you are just starting, you can sign up for weekly newsletter and play our free sudoku and can check your answers as you go so that you know whether you are right or wrong.  For beginners this is so useful.  It will help you to stay on track but will also help you to reason out the solution.  Once you have established the basics, you  you may wish to try our one of our memberships.  Sudoku puzzles are great to solve on your laptop or iPad.  You can take them anywhere!

Once you have become used to the way Sudoku works I recommend moving onto the printed versions so you don’t fall into the habit of ‘peeking’ at the results.  That is the lazy persons way, isn’t it?  Start with a book like Will Shortz Presents Starter Sudoku.    It has 100 puzzles for you to work through and is set at the perfect level for beginners, or you can simply print our the puzzles from the Clue Detective Members Area.

You can start with the easy ones and work through until you feel confident enough to attempt the hard ones.  We add new puzzles regularly, but if we aren’t adding them fast enough, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Good luck, and happy solving!

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