Technological Advances in Solving Puzzles

The crossword puzzle has come along way since it was invented by Arthur Wynne in 1913. With the advances in modern technology, there are many ways to solve a crossword that he would ever imagined.

Playing puzzles such as crosswords has traditionally been regarded as a rather solitary activity.  Solving the daily crossword in the newspaper is not generally a pastime conducive for more than one person.  However, if you are looking for online games crossword puzzles can be easily adapted to be used with our new 21st century gadgetry.

Have you ever thought that you might play a crossword with a group of friends, similar to a board game, like Trivia Pursuit?


  • Solving Crossword Puzzles…. 21st Century-style

With the aid of your laptop, your flat-screen TV (monitor) and an HDMI cable, you can now easily play these iconic word games in a group setting.  Set it up in a place where everyone can see it, and then start playing.  Why not make it like a competition. One person operates the computer and keeps score (you can take it in turns.  When the puzzle is complete, the person who has answered the most clues correctly is the winner.

  • Trivia Night Style Crosswords

It can also be played in a trivia night format using general knowledge crosswords.  The crossword puzzle grid is projected on to a big screen, with no clues.  The Quiz Master asks a question and when one of the teams comes up with the correct answer, it is put into a grid.  When the puzzle is complete each team’s score is calculated and the team with the most points wins.

Now you may be thinking, what happens if a team works out an answer (using the letter in the partly completed grid) before the question is asked?  You can have a rule where a team is not allowed to give an answer before a question is read out by the Quiz Master.  That way, if two or more teams have worked out a word, there is a speed element. First on the buzzer!

  • Interactive Puzzling Fosters Learning

Playing puzzles in this way can be a lot of fun because people are learning new words and facts throughout the activity.  This method can used in any group situation:  the classroom, or a party or a family activity after dinner.

  • Team Play Puzzles

It is however, not necessary always necessary to adopt the ‘competitive approach’.  It can also be done as a game where each team member  takes part in the solving of the puzzle.  Have fun solving it using the flat screen monitor to see the puzzle gradually take shape with everybody’s input.

It is clear that the crossword puzzle is highly adaptable and can be used in a variety of 21st century formats. 

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