The Clue Detective Meets The Puzzle Wizard

In exciting news, I am happy to announce that I am now a regular contributor to the World of Crosswords puzzle book by The Puzzle Wizard.

The Puzzle Wizard is Greg Parker from Queensland who has been publishing his crossword books since 1999.  His aim is to provide high-quality Australian crosswords at the best possible value.

World of Crosswords is a quarterly puzzle magazine packed with original crosswords and a variety of other different puzzles. The magazine is available in newsagents across Australia and New Zealand.

In this issue you will find a Clue Detective codeword puzzle along with many other great puzzles to keep you occupied for ages.  This is our first contribution to the magazine and I am really pleased to be involved.  It is an honour to be part of such a great Australian magazine.

World of Crosswords contains a huge array of crosswords (quick and cryptic), as well as word finds and symbol sums, how logical are you?   It is excellent value for money!  In this issue you will also find a very clever Australian language crossword. 

The puzzles will make you think enough to enjoy yourself, but not so much that they will be too difficult to complete.  You do like a little challenge, don’t you?

If you love a good codeword puzzle, grab a copy of the magazine from your newsagent before it sells out and turn to page 35. 

Let me know how you enjoy the magazine and whether or not you conquered my puzzle!

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