Turn Your Spelling List into Crossword and Word Find Puzzle Games


Spelling lists aren’t the most exciting things on earth, are they? But there is a way to make them more fun. At the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency we can create simple crossword and word find puzzle games based on the words in your child’s spelling list.

All you need is your word list and some clues to go with it.  The clues can be anything from a fill-in-the-blank sentence to a definition, or even a word with opposite meaning.  Your imagination is the limit but remember not to make it too challenging for your child or they might give up!

The great benefit that comes from adding your child’s spelling words into this puzzle format is that they are not just memorising the word; they are actually thinking about it. 

If your child is struggling with spelling, word find puzzle games lay out all the words for them to look for in the grid.  Because they have to find it, it will help them remember it.  If they are unfamiliar with the word, they can look it up in the dictionary.  That makes it much easier to work out the spelling than simply digging into memory.  This is very encouraging for slower learners. Once they become familiar with the words and their meaning, they can move on to crossword puzzles.

When your child’s brain is actively involved in assessing the shape, length and spelling of the word, they are much more likely to remember it.  By solving the clue they will also remember the meaning of the word.

There is no doubt that the feeling of successfully finding a list of words in a puzzle game will give your child a much stronger feeling of accomplishment than simply remembering words on a spelling list. 

Remember, when your child has a success experience he or she is more likely to repeat it.

Start your children on word puzzle games, and watch their vocabularies grow. If you need help creating the puzzles just send us your child’s spelling lists and we’ll turn them into crosswords and codewords for you.

This idea works for adults, too, so if you are struggling with your words, try them in crossword format.

At the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency we are passionate about helping people to learn new, interesting words and build their vocabularies through the medium of puzzle games  You are never too young to start, so we have launched the Clue Detective Spelling Bee program where parents and teachers can contribute the words their children/students are learning at school. We will turn them into puzzles for the benefit of the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency’s community.  

Download your CDPA Spelling Bee Form here


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