Advertise Your Business With A Puzzle

The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency designs puzzles for individual businesses to use to help in their advertising campaigns.  Businesses use our puzzles in different ways.

Some businesses like to print them out and use them as a giveaway to their customers. It is a very inexpensive way to build good relationships with your clients.  It doesn’t cost a lot to print out a page but businesses are giving something of value to their clients, not just an advertising flyer.  Of course, we create the puzzle on a theme that is relevant to your business so it is a sort of indirect advertising.  It’s very easy to incorporate your  business’ branding on the flyer and perhaps a special offer to encourage repeat business.  We can even tailor the clues to your core business.

Some businesses are making our puzzles available to staff hoping to keep their minds ticking over.  By having puzzles available in the lunchroom,  it gives people something to occupy their time when they need a break but it also adds a bit of fun to the workplace.

Another very clever use of the puzzle is to add it to your newsletter. Have a look at this one.  This is not one of our clients (we didn’t want to seem to favour any one!) but it works in the same way.  If you scroll to the foot of the newsletter you will find a link to the puzzle.    This one is actually loaded to the site but many businesses offer a link with download instead.    The clever part is that by clicking on the link in the newsletter the reader is taken directly to your website.  While they are there to enter a competition they are much more likely to have a look at what is new in your store.  How clever is that?

There are lots of ways to use puzzles to benefit your business.  If you are looking for a clever way to bring in more people to your site then perhaps one of our individually designed puzzles might be the hook that works for you.

Have a look at our site to see how using puzzles can boost your business.

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